Timeline Article: Bruce Ismay - A Man Completely Wrecked

J. Bruce Ismay
Monday, April 15, 1912
Mid Day

On board the Carpathia, White Star's president 
J. Bruce Ismay, hands over a message for the New York office to Captain Rostron which reads:

"Deeply regret advise you. Titanic sank this morning after collision iceberg. Resulting in serious loss of life. Full particulars later."
-Bruce Ismay

Ismay sits alone in the doctor's room. Shocked, defeated, and overwhelmed by guilt. At the doctor's request, fellow survivor 17 year-old Jack Thayer, tries to offer some comfort to Ismay.

Jack Thayer
"He was starring straight  ahead. Shaking all over like a leaf. Even when I spoke to him he paid absolutely no attention. I have never seen a man so completely wrecked."
-First Class Passenger
 Jack Thayer