Owner:   Oceanic Steam Navigation Company (White Star Line)
Builder:   Harland and Wolff, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Hull (Yard) Number:   401
Order To Proceed With Design Signed:   April 30, 1907
Order To Proceed With Construction Signed:   September 17, 1908
Keel Laid:   March 31, 1909
Launched:   May 31, 1911
Construction Completed:   March 31, 1912
Sea Trials Conducted:   April 2, 1912
Delivered:   April 2, 1912
Set Sail for Maiden Voyage:   April 10, 1912 at Noon (Southampton time)
Collided With Iceberg:   April 14, 1912 at 11:40 pm (ship time) 2:38am GMT
Sank:   April 15, 1912 at 2:20 am (ship time) 5:18am GMT

Length Overall:   882ft 9in
Length Between Perpendiculars:   850ft
Beam:   92ft 6in
Height From Keel To Top of Masts (total height):   227ft 10in
Height From Keel To Top of Funnels:   163ft - 165ft (depending on sheer)
Funnel #1: 163ft 8in
Funnel #2: 165ft 2in
Funnel #3: 165ft 2in
Funnel #4: 163ft 8in
Height From Keel To Boat Deck:   94ft 9in
Height From Waterline To Boat Deck:   60ft 2in
Draft (forward):   34ft 6in
Draft (aft):   34ft 7in
Passenger Decks:   8
Total Decks Including Tank Top (top of ballast tank):   11

Net Register Tons (cargo volume):   21,831.34 tons
Gross Registered Tonnage (total volume):   46,382.54 tons

Lightweight (weight of ship only - no cargo):   38,760 tons
Deadweight (weight of cargo):   13,550 tons
Displacement Weight (ship + cargo weight at designed draft):   52,310 tons

Watertight Bulkheads:   15
Watertight Compartments:   16
Number of Masts:   2
Number of Funnels:   4
Number of Screws:   (2) 23ft dia. 3 bladed outer wing screws, (1) 16ft dia. 3 bladed central screw
Number of Boilers:   29 Total (24 Double Ended, 5 Single Ended)
Number of Furnaces:   159 Total (6 per Double Ended, 3 per Single Ended)
Main Engines:   (2) 15,000hp Triple-Expansion Reciprocating Steam Engine, (1) 16,000hp Parsons Low-Pressure Steam Turbine Engine
Combined Total Horse Power:   46,000 (designed) / 59,000+ (based on Olympic)
Main Electrical Plant:   (4) 400kW dynamos, total output 16,000 amperes @ 100VDC
Emergency Electrical Plant:   (2) 30kW dynamos, total output 600 amperes @ 100VDC

This data is of my own research from studying copies of H&W plans, from the published research of Bruce Beveridge, Scott Andrews, Steve Hall, Daniel Klistorner, Mark Chirnside, Tom McCluskey, and Bob Read.