Timeline Article: News About Titanic Reaches New York City

Monday, April 15th, 1912
New York City

White Star Line's President Phillip Franklin, at the New York office, receives an early morning call from a reporter with the alleged news that Titanic has called for help and is sinking. The story has already gone to press and rumors have engulfed New York City.

Wireless operator David Sarnoff, while working on the roof of Wanamaker's Department Store, has been relaying messages from ships at sea.

The breaking news about Titanic is coming in faster than the papers can print it. Most newspaper headlines claim that Titanic is damaged and all passengers are safe. However, out of all of the messages being sent from the ships at sea, not one has been from Titanic directly in a considerable amount of time. The silence is recognized by managing editor Carr Van Anda of the New York Times, assumes the worst, and prints it. Despite White Star's assurances throughout the day that Titanic and her passengers are safe, in a matter of hours the New York Times will have been proven right. Titanic has actually sank with a great loss of life. Panic begins to spread.

David Sarnoff (left) and Carr Van Anda (right)