Timeline Article: Cottom And Bride Send Messages From Carpathia

Harold Cottom
Carpathia's wireless operator Harold Cottom has been on duty all night. He is completely exhausted and overwhelmed. He has a huge amount of official messages that must be sent out informing the world of Titanic's sinking as well as messages going out from survivors. On top of that, Captain Rostron wants a complete list of survivors to be sent out as quickly as possible.

Harold Bride

Titanic's wireless operator Harold Bride decides to assist Cottom with the outgoing messages. Despite his exhaustion and frostbitten feet, he relieves Cottom at the wireless whenever necessary.

During voyage to New York, Carpathia's signal will be broadcasting constantly. Cottom and Bride will ignore all incoming messages from news reporters and  including president Taft. The two men have both committed themselves to serving Titanic's survivors.