Timeline Article: The Uneasiness Aboard Carpathia

Titanic's survivors aboard Carpathia

April 15 - 18, 1912

Titanic's survivors settle into their crowded new quarters among Carpathia's sympathetic passengers and crew. Under these conditions the ship is too small to allow anyone much privacy. The passengers and crew share or give up their cabins to their cold and fatigued guests. The common areas of the ship are soon filled causing many to move out onto the decks. Titanic's recovered lifeboats loom over them as a haunting reminder. Among the crowds, some family members are reunited. Newly made widows recalling the recent deaths of their husbands, are tortured by the presence of men that have survived.

Titanic's lifeboats on the deck of Carpathia

Then on Tuesday night, Carpathia runs into a thunderstorm. On Wednesday she encounters heavy fog that doesn't clear until Thursday afternoon. The bad weather frightens many of the survivors. By the time the fog clears many can hear the Fire Island fog horn. New York City is only hours away.

Fire Island Lighthouse