Timeline Article: Carpathia Proceeds to New York with Titanic's Survivors

RMS Carpathia
Monday, April 15, 1912

After departing New York just a few days before, Carpathia was on a vacation cruise upon receiving Titanic's distress call. Now this pleasant cruise has become a mission of mercy.

With 700 additional passengers, the spaces aboard Carpathia have become limited.

Titanic's passengers crowd the decks and saloons as Carpathia's passengers try to offer aid and comfort. Captain Rostron sails his ship to the location of the sinking. Some wreckage and one floating body are visible.

The ice field is a low wall that is blinding white in the sun. One of the icebergs stands out with what appears to have a spear of Titanic's red paint at its base. 

A photograph taken of the ice field with bergs visible.

Captain Rostron asks his purser and steward for a full survivor count and prepares to return to New York. Before leaving the area, Rostron makes one more request to have a brief funeral for the victims. Titanic's survivors are overwhelmed by grief.