Timeline Article: Titanic Arrives at Cherbourg, France

Wednesday, April 10, 1912
After leaving Southampton, and traveling 77 miles to the south across the English Channel, Titanic arrives at Cherbourg, France. Titanic was so large that she had to ride at anchor in the deep water because the docks were too shallow.

So the White Star Line ordered 2 tenders to be designed and built by Harland and Wolff to serve the Olympic Class ships. These tenders were named, Nomadic and Traffic. They were assigned to ferry passengers, luggage, and mail bags from the Cherbourg docks to the much larger ships. Nomadic, served the First and Second Class passengers, while Traffic served the Third Class. 

Nomadic still exists today. She is the only surviving White Star vessel.

By 8:30pm, Titanic departs Cherbourg. She rises anchor and turns to the north. Her lights sparkle against the night sky as she sails back into the English Channel. Her next stop is Queenstown, Ireland.

Still shot from the 1997 movie "Titanic".
Nomadic is shown along side Titanic.

Map showing Titanic's route from
Southampton, England to Cherbourg, France.