I have always believed that one of the most powerful and compelling ways of telling the Titanic story is through the perspective of a Christian. After all my years of research, I can not dismiss the hand of God in all of Titanic's history. I believe that to be true with all history, but especially with Titanic. A vessel that is so famous to the modern world that her popularity could rival Noah's Ark. No matter where you are on planet earth, Titanic is known. Is Titanic's popularity by accident? What is it about that ship that grabs our attention and won't let go? I believe that Titanic and her tragic lesson was meant to be remembered, and that was and is the will of the Lord Almighty.

I am a researcher and historian of over 25 years regarding Titanic and related subjects. I have given presentations, talks, and interviews for schools, churches, and radio. My Christian based multimedia presentations are nondenominational, and are given by me personally. 

I have a Southern Baptist background, and I'm based out of Amarillo, Texas.

 If you are a church that would be willing to host an event, I would be honored to give a talk, interview, or presentation at your facility.

Please feel free to contact me for further for details at

Thank you so much and God bless.

Joshua Allen Milford