100th Article!!!! Thanks for Visiting!

Hi folks,

This is the 100th article!
That means that I have researched and shared with you 100 individual stories about Titanic on this website! All the way back to the beginnings of the White Star Line to the evacuation of Titanic. Each article describes a special moment in Titanic history, and with all of them together, they make an impressive timeline of stories, pictures, quotes, videos, topic links, etc...

Although, I've been interested in the Titanic from a very young age, I've been researching Titanic since late 1996, and decided to share my knowledge with the public. I originally started a Titanic website in 2010. After 3 years of sharing the Titanic story through the internet, and gaining high praise for it's accessibility and knowledgeable information, the website eventually crashed and failed to operate like it should have. So, I was forced to start over with a new website and have had nothing but good blessings thus far.

I want to say that I appreciate the warm responses that I have received, and that if you have any questions regarding Titanic, her passengers, or myself, please feel free to contact me. I love getting to meet fellow historians and enthusiasts of the most famous ship in history!


Joshua Allen Milford
Titanic Historian