Timeline Article: Lifeboat 16 is the Seventh to be Launched

Monday, April 15, 1912

Lifeboat 16 is the seventh to be launched.
Lowered by: Sixth Officer Moody
Crew member in charge: Joseph Bailey

Lifeboat 16 was loaded with passengers at the same time as 12 and 14, but was the first to be launched out of the three. A large crowd of people gathered on the boat deck around these lifeboats and officers Wilde, Lightoller, Lowe, and Moody had to control the crowd.
As the boat was being lowered, it was realised that there was only one seaman aboard. Master-at-Arms Joseph Bailey climbed down the falls and took command of the boat.
Very similar to the situation that took place on lifeboat 6 just before.

Lifeboat 16 leaves the ship from the port side with about 52 out of 65 seats occupied.