Timeline Article: Lifeboat 1 is the Fifth to be Launched

Monday, April 15, 1912

Lifeboat 1 is the fifth to be launched.
Lowered By: 1st Officer Murdoch, 5th Officer Lowe
Crew Member in Charge: Lookout George Symons

Lifeboat 1 is the most notorious of all the Titanic lifeboats. It is known for having the fewest passengers aboard. Mostly male members of the ship's crew, and one very famous couple... Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon and his wife Lucile. 
He was a prominent Scottish landowner and well known sportsman, while she was a celebrated fashion designer traveling with her secretary Laura Mabel Francatelli. 
Later during the sinking, the behavior of the two in the lifeboat will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Number 1 is launched with only 12 out of 40 seats occupied.

Sir Cosmo and Lucile Duff-Gordon