Timeline Article: First to Respond- SS Frankfurt

North German Lloyd Steamer SS Frankfurt

Monday, April 15, 1912

While the stewards are waking the passengers and informing them to put their life jackets on and head to the boat deck, wireless operator Jack Phillips gets his first response to Titanic's distress call. The North German Lloyd steamer SS Frankfurt.

Phillips assumes that they are the first to respond to the distress call. However, the Frankfurt's wireless operator hasn't heard any of Titanic's calls, but has been making his routine calls for the night.

Titanic's Wireless Operator
Jack Phillips
Phillips sends what he believes is Titanic's correct position and asks for Frankfurt's. After 16 minutes with no response, Phillips loses his patience and tells Frankfurt's wireless operator, 
"You are a fool, keep yourself away!" 

Once Titanic's situation is realized, Frankfurt's captain turns his ship to the position that was sent by Phillips. However, Titanic's officers will soon realize that the position has been incorrectly calculated.