Timeline Article: Bruce Ismay Shows Ice Warning to Passengers

Sunday, April 14, 1912

First class passengers Emily Ryerson and Marian Thayer are watching the sunset from the promenade deck when Bruce Ismay approaches them. He shows Mrs. Ryerson the Baltic ice warning that Captain Smith had given him earlier.

First Class Passenger
Emily Ryerson
"Mr. Ismay thrusts a Marconigram at me saying we were in amoung the icebergs. They were to start up extra boilers that afternoon. My impression was that they were speeding the ship up to get away from the ice, and that we would probably get in late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. Mr. Ismay's manner was that of one in authority and the owner of the ship, and that what he said was law."

First Class Passenger
-Emily Ryerson

Captain Smith will later ask Ismay to return the ice warning so he can post it in the chart room.