Featured Article: The Most Awesome Ships Afloat

White Star encourages the designers at Harland and Wolff to pursue their vision of grandeur with no expense spared. The designers will have to propose huge liners with passenger amenities that will make them the most awesome vessels afloat. First class passengers will make their entrances and exits on a sweeping grand staircase. It will be topped with a huge dome made of glass and wrought iron. Behind the staircase there will be three elevators for those who choose to ride. Also, an elaborate reception room, smoking room and writing room, several restaurants, and below the decks a swimming pool and a Turkish Bath.

The extravagance must be obvious to all. Designer Alexander Carlisle will oversee this project. When he retires the following year, it will be Thomas Andrews that will bring these designs to life.

Harland and Wolff Designers
Thomas Andrews (left) and Alexander Carlisle (right)