Timeline Article: Titanic Strikes the Ocean Bottom

Monday, April 15, 1912

After a two and a half mile descent, the broken halves of Titanic strike the ocean bottom on the edge of an undersea valley southeast of the Grand Banks. The stern and bow sections land ½ mile apart from each other, separated by a large debris field that covers one square mile.

The bow section dug it's way 60 feet into the ocean bottom. The the bow points to the northeast and is relatively recognizable. This being because the bow was fully flooded when it hit the bottom and therefore retained its overall shape.

The stern section however, is completely destroyed and bears little resemblance to a ship. The stern dug it's way into the ocean bottom rudder first and then imploded upon impact.

2010 3D scan of Titanic's
bow on the sea floor.

2010 3D scan of Titanic's stern
on the sea floor.