Bruce Ismay Urges Captain Smith to Speed Up

Saturday, April 13, 1912
Early Afternoon

First class passenger Elizabeth Lines and her daughter Mary are enjoying coffee after lunch in the First Class Reception Room. Not long after they had sat down, Bruce Ismay and Captain Smith sit down at a table nearby. Lines overhears the two men discussing the speed of the ship and that Ismay wants to see if Titanic can beat the Olympic's record and arrive in New York on Tuesday night instead of Wednesday.

Titanic and Olympic were built for luxury and size and were never meant for speed. That was the Cunard Line's market. Also, it was generally a routine on a brand new ship not push the engines to full speed, but to give them a proper run in period. This was a precaution to avoid damage to the engines.

Elizabeth Lines has perhaps the only known testimony where someone heard Captain Smith and Bruce Ismay discuss the speed of the ship. Mrs. Lines lost no one in the sinking and had less reason to fabricate such a story, something her family today is assured she would not do. Repeatedly she quotes Bruce Ismay as saying, "We will beat the Olympic and get into New York on Tuesday."